Commanders Diary

6 Nov 13 Nov 68

Diary 6-12 Nov 1968

6 Nov - [field strength] 543. 4 & 6. Quiet nite. Scts - Stand down to 1230. Op'd road to Bragg ; convoy to & from Grant.
A Co. & 164 - Open Rt 26 to CP 25, returned to work on FSB Rawlins.
B Co. - Escort ammo destruction convoy out west gate 0800-1600. Destroyed 16 T.
C Co. - RIF south of road, spotted 1 VC.

No mail - Visited district chief to discuss VCI.

4th day no rain

7 Nov - [field strength-no entry] 5 & 6. Quiet nite. Scts & C Co. - Same [as 6 November]
B Co. - Escorted 3 tks [tanks] to base of NBD mtn; blasted caves.
A Co. - Same [as 6 November]
Unsuccessful VCI opn. MAJ [Thonius] Robinson [Jr] arrived. [Relieved MAJ Donald Starnes as XO].

No mail

[List of personnel-related items]
A Co. - 159
B Co. - 160
C Co. - 174
Based on + from Nov-Dec will be even by 31 Dec
HQ Co. - Proj drops & adds bring to +4 by end of Dec.
SVC Co. - Proj drops & gains bring to +9 by 31 Dec.
Request Div orders by [sic. be] cut  on 13 for transfer on (8 Nov) to line co's. MOS not auth line co's will be used as  63 H, 52B,76S as mech & mech helper; 64 A & B - APC Driver

5th day - no rain

8 Nov - [field strength] 564. 6 & 4. Quiet nite. Scts & C Co. - Same. Grant closed.
B Co. - Escort ammo destruction team.
A Co. - Open Rt 26. Recover 2 hulks. Engr blew trees. 164 RF got 3 BC, 2 wpns, 1 POW, booty vic rubber factory.

Letter ML & Shirley

6th day - no rain

9 Nov - [field strength] 564. 7 & 5.Quiet nite. A Co. (+Flame)(+1 plat B Co.) - Open Road from Buell to CP Green. Closed 1730.
Scts - escort 10 veh convoy to & from FF One low boy hit mine, minor damage.
B Co. - escorted 2 TKS to CP White. Fired at mountain.
C Co. - Opened Rt 26.

Letter Mary Lou

7th day - no rain

10 Nov - [field strength] 580. [highest number recorded] 3 & 5. Quiet nite. (B 1-27 Arty replaced by C 1-27). C Co. (+Flame  & 2 TKS) - Opened road to FF. TKS fired at NBD and returned.
Scts - Escorted 10 veh to FF.
A Co. - Escorted & secured Engr work party - flew flag [demonstrated force presence]north of Mo Cong.
B Co. - 1 plat escort ammo destruction.
C Co. (-) - Opened Rt 26.

No mail. Picked up passport

8th day - no rain

11 Nov - [field strength] 564. 67 malaria [no mention of vehicle status] A Co. - Escorted engineer work party on Mo Cong highway.
B Co. - Escorted convoy to and from FF. Moved to Bragg for cordon & search.
C Co. - Opened road to FF. Returned to FSB Bragg.
Scts - escort convoy

Sent 2d box Hold Baggage

Farewell party - received statues & plaque.

12 Nov - [field strength-no entry] Quiet nite. Move to Thien Nhom [maybe Thien Ngon] (FSB Ord) (7.5 km S of Cambodia)

Div Artillery After Action Report:
After  the road was opened, Battery c (7/11) moved by road from Tay Ninh Base  Camp to FSB Ord. Battery C's mission was to provide the artillery  support while the engineers worked on improving the airstrip for the  special Forces Camp at Thien Ngon vicinity XT0881  

A Co. - depart Rawlins 0630; escort engr to AVLB site; secure road; rollup with convoy.

B Co. - Cordon & search. [Detained for questioning by RVN authorities] 43 suspects (28 Draft Dodgers, 3 VCI, 12 released. Moved to FSB Rawlins.
C Co. - depart Bragg; passed thru A Co. outpost & rollup.
D/3/22 - Air assault into AVLB site.
A/3/22 - air assault into Thien Ngon. Sweep & outpost.
Lead elements closed TN [meaning Thien Ngon] at 1400.
Dug in and set up.
Scts - Escort arty to jump [slang for temporary] FSB.
161 RF Co. - Airmobiled in & joined up.

From the 25th ID CG Journal, 12 Nov 68 at 1st BDE HQ;
"Operation  to Thien Ngon going well. Reports one RF company moved north and was  well received to include an honor guard for the Province chief..."  

Cliff Neilson
Mohawk 6
May-Nov 1968    

Illegitimi nil carborundum


Diary13 Nov 1968  

The Last Day!   

13 Nov - [field strength-no entry] Quiet nite. A Co. & CIDG - Opened road SW toward Cambodia.
C Co. - Opened road, RIF'd.
B Co. - Escorted convoy to & from. [No indication destination]
Scts - OPCON 3/22.

Change of Command at Rawlins at 1400 with LTC Albert C. Butler.
MG Richardson presented me LM [Legion of Merit, a customary award to out going BN CO who hadn't otherwise screwed up.] COL Fair changed flags; BG Long attended. Also COL Sumner, 25th ID Chief of Staff; [LTC Clemons] Riley [ CO, 3/4 and an old friend]; & [LTC] Alex Hunt [CO, 3/22 a RVN friend and fellow veteran of the battle for Tay Ninh City.]
[LTC Butler was KIA on 22 March 1969. He died from injuries suffered when his Loach was shot down not far from Rawlins.]

LTC Cliff Neilson relinquishes his command to COL Fair. rr. MG Richardson   
LTC Cliff Neilson, COL Fair,  LTC Al Butler,    

Depart TN at 1700 on BDE CO  ship. Saw MG Williamson prior to leaving. Arrived Camp Alpha at 1800,  Stayed w/ MAJ Huntsinger, AG, CO, 178 Replacement Co.

Arrived SGN Terminal 0715 - Depart 1140

Homeward Bound.. Back to the World...  

Cliff Neilson
"Mohawk 6 "
May-Nov 1968    

Illegitimi nil carborundum