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Wall ceremony procession.

The " Tomahawk's Book of Honor" on display at the Wall. Made quite an impact on the public.

Wall ceremony: John Iacovacci, Gary Bennett, Donny Shelton, "Doc John Sheeron and some fat guy holding the flag.

The 4th/23rd Unit Insignia wreath: Dave Hoevenaar, Dan Burch, Cliff Neilson, Doug Conn.

"Lone Star" beer. Special delivery.

Rick Lewis and Dan Burch trying to figure out where they are. Back ground: Gerald Lawrence, Bob Smith, Gerald's wife and Deb Burch.

Early morning check to make sure everything is OK at the Pentagon.

Neil Andrews' rendition of the official "President's Tomahawk". Hand painted ribbons. Beautiful work. Keeps order at the meetings.


Johnny Chavers, John Kloiber,
Cliff Neilson, John Iacovacci

Gerald Lawrence

"Let's see now, does the American flag go on the right or left?"

"Ranger" Dan

Jack Thomas

Dave, Cliff, George

Jack Thomas, Mindy Lyle, Mike Berlinger,
Steve Reuben, Cliff

Donn McMahon, "Farmer", "Ranger" Dan

Nurses Memorial

"Fussy patrol"

"Mr. Fussy's" trainer, Wendy Conn

Marty Cacioppo, Bill fisher, Diane Shelton, Bob Renneisen, Donnie Shelton, Deb Burch

Joel Johnson

Dave Hopkins
(Looks like a set up picture to me Davey)

Donnie Shelton and Bob Renneisen

"The Bobsey twins"

Bob Whitfield, Dan Finn & Bob "Brownie" Brown

"Half an Hour" 2004

"Half and Hour"  1969

The Bohlinger's and the Sloan's

We don't hafta walk across that durn bridge again do we Rick?

Ron Courser, John Mohler,
"Mohawk 6" & "Ranger" Dan

The smiles may seem out of place to some. But what better way is there to celebrate a reunion of all the "Tomahawks"?
Together again in 2004.

John Kloiber, Johnny Chavers

THE Bosses


John I., Carl B., Donnie S., "Doc", Rick

Cliff inviting the public to meet our brother "Tomahawks" that we were there to see.

Ray & Johnny

Johnny Chavers on flank guard.

Gary B and his support crew

The Kloiber's

The Chavers'

Typical crowd reaction to us at the Wall

I think I've seen these three on Saturday morning TV.

Honoring a brother from another war.


Terry Bohlinger at the dinner for wounded troops

Brock Sloan

Standing proud, Johnny!


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