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The photos on this page come from a group of our friends in Europe
that do re-enactments of the U. S. Army's involvement in Vietnam.

This group, for lack of a better description is the
 4th/23rd Tomahawks
Germany Company

They hail from many countries and gather together with other Vietnam War buffs
to re-enact what it was like to be a U.S. Soldier from 1963 to 1974.
Their equipment is privately collected and belongs to the members of the group.
If one didn't know these pics were shot in 2005, you would swear they were just another photo album from a Tomahawk Vet.

Photos courtesy: Sven "Doc Buddha"  Troesken, Germany; et.al.

Hello Tomahawks,
Ok, here I have some Fotos from us.
In the above Picture, I am the 2nd from right.
My friend Arne Beerhold (Sgt.) is the guy in the turret.
He is one of the biggest collectors here in Germany for U.S. stuff dated 1963-75. 
The small ARVN soldier is my son.

In Front is our Lt.
His Name is Thomas.
He collects MP an South Vietnamese Medals, Ribbons etc....

The very tall guy with the 82nd Airborne badge is Michael Feinermann.
He made all drawings and Paintings for us and he is constructing our website.

Here we show the visitors the different kinds of Booby Traps- and Punji-Traps, Demolitions and what the VC build.

We now have a partnership of an M-113 and it runs.
You can see the track in the fotos,
His owner wants to paint him in the same way as your M-113's were painted.

I hope you like the fotos...

And my friend Arne sends greetings to you. 

With best Regards  Sven" Doc Buddha" Troesken

Our compliments to you gentlemen.
It is a real honor to be remembered by you for our time and efforts in the war.

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