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4th Battalion
23rd Infantry Regiment
5th SBCT
2nd Infantry Division

Ft. Lewis, Washington

*News Report

After more than a decade of deactivation during the 1990s,
The 4th / 23rd "Tomahawks" are proudly back in service!

Welcome Back "Tomahawks"

The 4th / 23rd has completed it's 15 month tour 
of support in Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraq.
They have since moved from Ft Richardson, Alaska and are now assigned to the 2nd Infantry division along with our 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 23rd Infantry Regiment 
at Ft Lewis, Washington. 

CPL Alexander Jordan 
It is with heavy heart that we honor an American Hero and Brother in Arms
 We extend our deepest sympathy to his family.

CPL Alexander Jordan
1975- 10 SEP 2006



And the long historical legacy of the greatest combat unit in the United States Army continues.

4th/23rd Tomahawks Association




Dear Colonel Norris,

As a former commander of the 4th Battalion (Mechanized), 23rd Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division,
Viet Nam, 1968, I want to congratulate you on your selection as the commander of the soon-to-be reactivated 4/23 and wish you and the battalion all the success in the world.

My advice: Train hard.
My prayer: May you and the 4/23 never go in harm's way.
My wish: If you do, remember the brave soldiers who went before you.

Cliff Neilson
Colonel, US Army (Retired)
4th/23rd Tomahawks Association
"Mohawk 6"
May-Nov 1968



Strategic Dominance Across Full Spectrum of Operations
Responsive  With Sustained Momentum
Deployable  Brigade Combat Team in 96 Hours, Full Division in 120 hours after Liftoff
Agile  From Support Operations to War fighting and Back
Versatile  Design Forces That Dominate at any Point on the Spectrum of Operations
Lethal  Provide Lethality & Mobility for Decisive Outcome
Survivable  Develop Technology That Provides Maximum Protection and Leverages the Best Combination of Technologies
Sustainable  Aggressively Reduce our Logistics Footprint and Replenishment Demand

SBCT "Tomahawk" LINKS:

Stryker Brigade Combat Team website: http://www.army.mil/features/strykeroe/

SBCT News: http://www.strykernews.com

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