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of the
4th Battalion (Mechanized)
23rd Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Division
Vietnam war years

The collection is incomplete at this time.
 If you have your company daily report please contact


*Please understand, these records have been culled from 30 year old micro
-fisk files.
Some of the names were completely indelible.
If you recognize a name or find any spelling errors let us know.


Up Alpha Company Bravo Company Charlie Company Delta Company HHQ  RECON

Want to get a daily Manpower roster of your own?

To get daily rosters for your company while you were in Vietnam, Contact that National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis MO.

Download Form SF-180.

Or, go to the National Archives website at:


Print out the form and fill in all the information you can provide.
In section 2 of the form (Other information and/ or Documents requested):
Request a Company Daily Roster /Manpower report for the time period you were there.

For example:
"Please send me the Daily Manpower report of Alpha Company, 4th Battalion (Mechanized) / 23rd Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, for 15 APR 1969."

(They may not find the exact date you request but will send you one that is within a  time period, reasonably close to that date.)

Mail your completed SF-180 to the address listed on page 2 of the form.
The Records center will contact you if there is a charge for their service (usually it is under $10).
After you mail it to them, Be patient.
They are busy and sometimes take up to 4 weeks to get the information back to you.
I have received information packets from them in as little as two weeks.

After you receive the information, how about sharing your treasure with the rest of us?


Daily reports are just that. They were written and filed every day during the Vietnam War.
Though some reports are difficult to locate, most of them survived and are in the archives.
If you get lucky and the historian assigned to your case takes time to search for it, you will get exactly what you request.

Happy Hunting and let us know what you find..

Alpha 23


Up Alpha Company Bravo Company Charlie Company Delta Company HHQ  RECON