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This photo album comes for the collection of "Doc" John M. Judge
Company D / 4th Battalion (Mechanized) / 23rd Infantry Regiment 25th Infantry Division
Assigned as Charlie Company's Combat Medic 1968-1969

Sadly "Doc" lost his life in  a tragic fire in 1998
His family has been so kind as to share all of his photo collection with us.

Forever in our hearts.
Take care "Doc" we will see you again one day.

"Doc" John M Judge

Anyone got some "Charmin"?

How about a little "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"?

Interpreter / Translator Dee

"Doc" in front of the "Miss Carole"

Patrol in the Rubber

We want 3 deluxe pizzas, please.

Thank you,,, Thank you very much!

Hold still.. You may feel a sharp pain but this is the only known cure for that hangnail

Planning on running away from home?

Hurry up, before those artillery guys miss their steaks!

House call

Rexall Pharmacy Vietnam branch

Got Milk?

Bad Milk..

Sunset in Tay Ninh

Doc Judge's corner of the war

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore ToTo..

"There's HOT running water in the shower, man!"

you must be drunk you're all out of focus..

"Penicillin? It's in the Fridge,,,, somewhere.."

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