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From the collection of
Rick Lewis
Alpha Company
23 track "Cher"
DEC 1968 - JUN 1969

Al Bretz & Rick Lewis (A co. 69)
The infamous "Watermelon Massacre".

SSgt Rick Lewis (Alpha 23 1969)

"Charlie" from Alpha Co. 23 Track (69)

Dave "Half-an-Hour" Hoevenaar & ? (69)

Davey Jones, Sal Moreno

Davy Jones A Co. 69

Davey Jones, Rai

Al Bretz (FSB Rawlins 69)

Nui Ba Dinh from Highway 26 (1969)

Julio "Pineapple" Quinones (69)

Richard "Rick" Randolph 23track driver 69

Rick Randolph

Rick Lewis, Al Bretz, Bill Biermann, "Half-an-hour"

"Doc" Bill Scheible

Sal Moreno, Julio "Pineapple" Quinones

Short timer Sgt Ed ?

Rick Lewis and Mai
Background: SSgt Bill Biermann, Al Bretz

Al Bretz, Jerry Dossey, Pineapple

Tay Ninh West turn off

Little Rubber plantation 1969

B52 RIF 1969

F111 Napalm treeline prep


"Crescent Forest May 69 Night Laager attack"

Go Dau Hau Bridge

"Brown Water Navy"

Big Rubber 1969

Cambodia 1969 POW Rescue


Rock Crusher Turn off Tay Ninh

"Sal" and his buddy at Rawlins



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