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Equipment and support vehicles used by the Tomahawks.

Line Assault Alpha Company 1969

Alpha 23 Track

LTC Taylor Battalion CO 1969

Dust-Off highway 26 1969

Flame Tracks Crescent Forest 1969

Road congestion Tay Ninh 1969 "Zippo" track

Fuel Point Tay Ninh Base Camp

Al Bretz on Alpha 23 track FSB Rawlins 1969

155 self propelled FSB Rawlins

Rome Plows Crescent Forest 1969

Crescent forest / Ridge back mountains 1969

Rome Plow Crescent Forest 69

155 Self Propelled

Bravo Company "Track Mechie" Joe Rios 1969
175NEngl.jpg (109163 bytes)
175 Shot! Out!

"Duster" at  Patrol Base "Rock Crusher" 1969

Top of Nui Ba Dinh 1969

"Gyrine" Ontos Dau Tieng 1969
(nice plant in the foreground)

HHQ LTR 1969 (George the monkey)

"Evilest S.O.B. in the Valley"
Tay Ninh 1968

Rome Plow 1969 (courtesy TLN)

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