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DIARY 25 Sep-1 Oct 1968

25 Sep - [field strength] 469 Quiet nite - B Co. (-) & R opened RT22- Convoy okay in both directions.
C Co.(-1 plat stand down) secured FSB Logan, occupied for nite.
A Co. (-) & 164 RF Co. opened RT 22 - open 1030 - convoy 1330.
B Troop, 3/4 OPCON 1300 - one plat escort convoy to Logan & Rawlins.
C Co.-3/187
[ABN INF Regt] (CPT Bond)-OPCON 1400- Secure FSB Rawlins.
A Co. 2/27 (Capt Mulligan) OPCON
1400. Secure FSB Logan.
Letter from ML.
Open Thunder Road
[No explanation found in diary as to a mission with the codeword THUNDER ROAD. From the diary context, this was a concerted effort to open the road to FF.]


26 Sep - [field strength] 457 Quiet nite - B Co. & R opened RT22- Convoy up & down okay. B Co. (-) closed [returned to] FSB Rawlins.
C Co. 4/23 & 1 plat B Trp. -3/4. Open road from FSB Bragg to FF (open by 1105). Out posted road. Occupied NDP. Liberated 3 Plat, A Co. from FF.
[facetious remark about returning the platoon to company control.]
A Co. 4/23 & 1 plat B 4/23. Moved to old
[FSB] Bliss. Started at 1530 to open Front [?] road. Stopped at 1630. Occupied FSB Bragg.
B Troop, 3/4 (- 1 plat). Escorted bulldozers to FSB Bliss & FF. Had 1 M48A3 hit 2 mines, 1 WIA. Closed Tay Ninh
[probably TNBC] with all elements.
C Co.-3/187. Local RIF, defend FSB Rawlins.
A Co. 2/27. Improve defense FSB Bragg.
HQ 14 hit mine & destroyed (5 WIA). Engr tractor trailer hit mine & damaged (1 WIA).
4 NVA Chu Hoi
No mail.


27 Sep - [field strength] 464 Quiet nite - B Co. & R opened RT 22- Convoy both ways okay. B Co. escort dump trucks to blown culvert site. Closed in Rawlins with all platoons 1930. Sct [R] at RC.
C Co. 4/23 & 1 plat B Trp. -3/4. Open & out posted from RJ
[probably a reference to the intersection of RT 4 & RT 243] to FF (open by 1200) Recovered remains believed to be CPT Phillips. Closed NDP. Lost OPCON B Co. plat.
A Co. 4/23. Open & out post road to RJ. Received lost plat. Closed FSB Bragg.
B Troop, 3/4 (-1 plat). Escorted engineer columns. Had AVLB hit mine (1 WIA slight). Blew tank in place. Left 1 plat OPCON to 3/22 at FSB Bliss.
C Co. - 3/187. Open & out post RT 26 - 35 to 35 E
A Co. - 2/27. Improve defense FSB Bragg
No mail.


28 Sep - [field strength] 466 Quiet nite - B Co. open RT 22- Convoy up only - late, including Rome Plows. Closed Rawlins.
[R] escort engineer vehs on RT 26.
A Co. 4/23. Open route 243 to RJ Green. Found 5 mines.
C Co.4/23. Open route 4 from RJ Green to FF. Lost 1 APC to mine. 4 WIA.
B Troop, 3/4. Escort engineer column to & from FF. One tank destroyed by mine. One engr dump truck destroyed by mine.
A Co. 2/27. Improve defense FSB Bragg.
C Co.-3/187. Open RT26 to 35 E.
3 letters Mary Lou - 1 to her
ammo back in boxes.


29 Sep - 1st day on RT 22 for C Co. [field strength] 470 Quiet nite - C Co. 4/23 open RT 22- Convoy down only. Rome Plow up by MP. Closed TNBC.
[R] stand down.
B Co. 4/23
& C Co.-3/187. Open and outpost RT 26 - convoy to and from DT. Secured VTR. [Vehicle Track Retriever]
A Co.4/23 & 1 plat, B Trp, 3/4. Open RT 243
and 4 to FF. Found no mines. 1 dump truck (1 WIA) hit mine. Escorted ammo resupply late.
B Trp-3/4 (-). Escorted convoy. 1 plat at Bliss, 1 plat at Bragg.

A Co. 2/27. Improve defense FSB Bragg.
Ambush nite with whole company.
No mail.


30 Sep - 61 malaria. [field strength] 476 Quiet nite - C Co. 4/23 & Sct open RT 22- (2 plat C Co. stand down.) Convoy up & down.
A Co. 4/23
& 1 plat B Trp. -3/4. Open FF routes. Found 4 mines. 1 DT [dump truck] hit mine (1 WIA).
B Co. 4/23 & C Co. -3/187 & A Co. - 2/27. Open RT 26.
A Co. 2/27. Returned night ambush.
B Trp-3/4 (-). Escort convoy.

[I] Left field 1300. - Rec'd SS & DFC [probably from 1st BDE CO at TNBC] - went to SGN on chopper - met by rep. of Sang Woo tailor - stayed at Embassy Hotel -had supper w/ Sy Fong & group of officers.

[Thus began my 5 day R & R to Hong Kong. The Saigon arrangements had been made by the 25th ID CSM whose name I forget. He was later involved in a great scandal involving rake-offs from clubs. In retrospect, I was being steered to a business man in Hong Kong who no doubt made it worth his while. I was young and innocent then and more trusting of senior NCOs than I should have been.]


Cliff Neilson
Mohawk 6
May-Nov 1968

Illegitimi nil carborundum

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